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Chantry Academy


Chantry deserves to have a school of which it is proud. Not only are our facilities one of the best in Ipswich, we also now have a curriculum, behaviour management system, teachers, and a moral purpose that will enable the Academy to exceed its own aspirations.
Our aim is that a student from Chantry will have the experiences, opportunities and education so that they are indistinguishable from students graduating from grammar or independent schools. We not only want an outstanding school, we want students that are outstanding so that they stand out for all the right reasons.
Our vision is to provide learning that ensures everyone has the skills to be Versatile, the opportunities to exceed their Aspirations, the knowledge to be Learned, the empathy to be Understanding, the enthusiasm to be Engaged and the encouragement to be Determined. Our community is always VALUED.

This vision can only be realised by adhering to our five core beliefs:

  • We believe every child wants to be successful
  • That there are no barriers to learning
  • That there are no excuses for poor progress
  • That we get what we expect
  • That learning is our core purpose

As a community we need to ensure that the students get the very best chance to succeed that they can. 


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