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About School to School Support

The Orwell Education Alliance and its constituent schools have a long and proud track record of supporting schools both locally and wider. We have a number of experienced Headteachers, NLEs, SLEs and KPs with a broad range of knowledge and specialisms with capacity available to support other schools. The support we provide is tailored to individual school’s circumstances and needs as we find this bespoke approach gives the best results.

A typical engagement goes through phases of:

  • Assess support need including existing evidence of the challenges
  • Discuss and agree support approach, duration and measures of success
  • Deliver agreed support. This may involve one of more sessions of support and we will evaluate things together as we progress
  • Completion and review of support given and measures of success

We work collaboratively and through our contacts with other Teaching Hubs and schools, the local authority and partners we are able to help broker expertise that is not immediately available within our Teaching school.

We also have programmes covering teachers in their NQT and NQT+1 years as well as regular courses – see the section on CPD for more detail on this.

Getting in touch

If you need any further information or wish to discuss your requirements then please get in touch either by emailing or by using the Contact Us link below.

Becoming an SLE / NLE or partnering with us

You can read about what is involved in becoming an SLE by following the link below.

Examples of expertise available

This section provides a snapshot of some of the specialist expertise available that can be used to support any school that requires it.  As mentioned earlier we can also obtain specialist support that is not listed here if you let us know of your requirement.




Rob Doyle       

Specialist leader of education      
Mathematics specialist teacher

Jannine Pearl     

Mathematics specialist teacher

Marie Worley

Mathematics specialist teacher

Megan Glazin

Specialist leader of education
Early years foundation stage
Moderator for the Local Authority

Zoe Cross

Specialist leader of education
Early years foundation stage

Laura Bodkin

Key practitioner
Early years foundation stage

Kelly Landers

Specialist leader of education
Early years foundation stage

Toby Harraway

Key practitioner

Lara Fiddaman


Key practitioner
Moderator for the Local Authority

Gary Harvey

Specialist leader of education   

Nicola Johnson

Specialist leader of education   
Learning and Teaching

Phonics support

Anna Hennell James

National Leader of Education

Leadership development and support

Headteacher Performance Management

Leadership structures

Building leadership capacity

Strategic school Improvement

Managing HR issues

Effective working with Governors

Tina Walker

Specialist leader of education   

Christine Davy

Forest School
Beach School
Learning Outside the Classroom
Parent Engagement
Mental Health and Wellbeing

Kelly Head

Strategic Vision

Budget & Finance

Curriculum Development & Learning Environments

Exceptional Learning Behaviours at KS1

Read Write Inc.

Developing Maths Mastery at KS1

Interventions & deployment of support staff to meet additional needs

Kasha Blake

EAL student development 

Accelerating Pupil progress 


Lesson study and research 

Effective and high impact curriculum  

Mantle of the Expert 

Accelerated Reader 

Literacy and Maths through play – EYFS focus 

Anita Krishna

Leadership development and mentoring

Learning and Teaching audits and improvements

Initial teacher training

Curriculum audit and improvements (Cross curricular focus)

Coaching and development of subject leaders

Advanced Skills Teacher

Gillian Mitchell

Headteacher mentoring
Moderation for writing
DHT Mathematics specialist teacher
Key practitioner for Early years foundation stage
Phonics support

Karen Mills


Headteacher mentoring
Leadership support
Accelerating pupil progress from low starting points